Hangars at Gillespie Field

SEE - Gillespie Field - El Cajon, CA 92020

Class-D airport, w/ FAA Control Tower.

5,300' x 100' lighted runway, w/ 3 Instrument approaches.

Two on-field 100LL fuel providers (four Jet-A FBOs).

Cafe & El Cajon Aircraft (parts & pilot supplies) at base of tower.

As Gillespie (SEE) lies 8-nm east of  Montgomery (MYF), the marine layer generally clears at SEE earlier, and it's less windy than Ramona (RNM),13-nm north. Parallel East-West runways, and a North/South RWY-17/35 make for a lot of pilot training and activity almost every day. Easy access from I-8, SR-52 and SR-67 make Gillespie Field a great choice for General Aviation!

SEE is home to two Garmin & Avidyne avionics shops; Neal Aviation and Instrument Overhaul, the San Diego Air Museum Annex and manufacturers including Trio Avionics, Grove Aircraft, Whirlwind Propellers, Redline Towbars, Flint Aero and Hammerhead Aviation. Repair facilities on the field include Bill's Aircraft, High Performance Aircraft, Sorbi Aircraft and Maxwell Aviation.

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100LL: $4.85 [Circle Air] - $4.99 [Golden State] - as of Oct. '21